Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Week

The soda is done, and in the fridge. DH said the ginger ale didn't taste much like ginger ale, but said he liked it anyway. The root beer (made from a commercial flavoring) apparently came out strong. I think I need to increase the amount of shredded ginger root that goes into the ginger ale (and some recipes call for the addition of a little lemon juice) and decrease the amount of root beer flavoring next time.

Today I started some alfalfa seeds and chickpeas for sprouts. The chickens loved their wheatgrass. When I did the wheatgrass, I did one tablespoon per tray, but I think that could have been increased. This time I did two teaspoons of the alfalfa seeds. For the chickpeas, they came in a 50-gram envelope. Upon opening that I found two 25-gram envelopes, so I soaked one entire 25-gram envelope overnight. I set them in the trays this morning.

Yesterday was 50 degrees, today we'll be lucky to hit 20. The rest of the week, though, looks like maple tapping weather! I will hopefully get my equipment cleaned and get my trees tapped tomorrow, and start collecting and boiling on Thursday.

No goat babies yet. Can't wait to have goat milk for milk, and cheese, and hopefully butter, too!

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