Friday, February 25, 2011

Win some, lose some

It's been a roller coaster of a week. On Tuesday, Star gave us a buckling, but we lost her to birth complications on Thursday. We named the buckling George, as he was born on Washington's birthday (not the President's Day holiday). Very cute little guy! He did manage to get colostrum from mom for two days, and is doing well.

On Thursday, Karma gave us a boy and a girl, which DH found and got to name. He called them Sonny and Cher.

So we're left dealing with one singleton who needed company, and a stressed out doe. I decided to put all the babies together and bottle feed them. I wasn't entirely certain that Karma was allowing the babies to nurse, and it was easier at that point to put the babies all in one room.

So I put Karma up on the milking stand, which she wasn't crazy about (last time she was up there I trimmed her feet). And Tuvok isn't helping, he's in the stall one wall away (can't see us) hollering to beat the band. She wants to go back to him instead of paying attention to me! I ended up restraining her head, and tying her feet to the back of the milking stand (two pieces of baling twine with slip knots on them so she can't pull her feet forward and knock over the bucket). I start milking her, and one side of her udder has a big, hard lump! Mastitis, first time out of the gate!

I milked as much as I could, and when I got back to the house found the boxes of mastitis treatment that I have put away. I pulled out two tubes of a medication called "ToDay" (for lactating cows) and administered one tube at last night's milking, and the other at this morning's milking. The lump was better this morning. It's not nearly as hard, and not extending down as far into the teat, so hopefully the treatment works perfectly and all will be well. I know she's NOT happy with me milking out that side, and I can't say I blame her. I'm just hoping it's over soon. She's already stressed enough, between losing her sister and me taking the babies away. Once she settles down, she'll realize she gets extra grain on the milking stand and as her milk comes in more, it will feel good to get up there and have the milking done.

The babies are eating well. I'm feeding them four times a day at this point - 7 am & pm, when I go out to milk, and again around 11 & 3. The three of them are almost finishing off a 16 oz bottle at this point. I'm sure I'll be doing separate bottles for them very soon. Cher is the smallest one of the bunch, and absolutely *adorable*!

We're waiting on one more - Gloria. Can't wait to see those babies!

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Ohiofarmgirl said...

oh no on the mastisis! and sorry about the loss of your doe. but those are some cute babies for sure!